Room Instructions

The Meeting rooms may be accessed by clicking on the links on the home page. The first time you enter the room, you will be prompted to download and install a "Web Communication Plug in". This software is necessary for you to communicate in the meeting room. Assuming that your system has a sound card and speakers, you will also need a microphone. Many people use a headset with a builtin microphone, which is very handy, but a stand alone microphone may be purchased for around $10.00 or less.

The following procedure is for Windows XP. list of 12 items:
1. Navigate to "Settings" on the "Start Menu" and press the RIGHT ARROW twice to open the "Control Panel".
2. Navigate to "Sounds and Audio Devices: and press ENTER.
3. Press CONTROL + TAB to get to the "Voice" page.
4. TAB to the Voice Recording "Volume" button and press the Spacebar.
5. TAB to the "Microphone Volume" up/down slider and set it to about 85 percent.
6. TAB once to the "Select" checkbox and make sure it is checked (use the Spacebar to check and uncheck it).
7. TAB once more to the "Advanced" button and press the Spacebar.
8. Make sure that the "Mic Boost" is checked, then TAB to "Close".
9. Close the panel with ALT + F4and then repeat steps 1 through 3 above.
10. TAB to the "Test Hardware" button and press the Spacebar.
11. Follow the prompts to setup and test your microphone (use the Jaws cursor to read the panels).
12. After the test is completed, press the Spacebar on the "Finish" button in the final panel and then TAB to the "OK" button and press ENTER.
list end
Your microphone should now be setup and ready for you to talk.

How to Enter the meeting Room:
After the plug-in software has been installed, when you enter the site, type in your user name in the "Name:" field. Tab past the "Password:" field to the "Login" button and press the spacebar. No password is required!

How to Talk:
Press the left "CTRL" key to talk. Release the key when done talking to listen.

Download the Volume Control Tutorial by Paul Oberholtzer