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iPhone Tips and Tricks

Check back here on Occasion to find updated information, of interest to the visually impaired, for Tips and Tricks on using your iPhone.

Tip of the Day

If you are trying to close the screen curtain, by tapping with 3 fingers 3 times, and you hear "Speech Off", don't panic. Tap with 3 fingers, 2 times on the screen and it should toggle speach back on. This can happen sometimes if the iPhone doesn't register all 3 taps, when toggleing the screen curtain.

Caution on Installing iTunes11!

If you are thinking about getting an iPhone, there are a few things that a visually impaired person needs to be aware of before doing so. If you are using a Dell computer that was issued by the VA, and it has the Roxio DVD/CD writing software, then you may need to uninstall this software before installing iTunes. You will need iTunes to enable Voiceover on an iPhone or iPad without sighted assistance.

If your computer has the Roxio software on it, I would suggest uninstalling the Roxio software and installing Nero software instead,before installing iTunes.
Nero Kwik Media - Free Download(Opens in New Browser Window)

Unless you plan to burn a lot of CDs, you may not need either Roxio or Nero, and you can just utilize iTunes instead.

Getting Started With The iPhone or iPad

Step 1: To get started using an iPhone or iPad, you should first download iTunes and install it on your computer if you want to setup your device without sighted assistance.
Go to the iTunes Download site (Opens in New Browser Window)

Step 2: You can download and/or listen to this audio file to learn how to turn on Voiceover for your iPhone or iPad, without sighted assistance.
Download Audio (MP3) length approximately 10 minutes

Step 3: You can download and/or listen to this audio file to learn how to turn on Tripple Click Home for Voiceover.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 5 minutes

This is Lesson 1 on iTunes, and shows some of the basics of how to add music to your iTunes Library in a way that is more accessible for blind users.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 19 minutes

This is Lesson 2 (Part 1) on iTunes, and shows how iTunes folders are organized as well as how to create a custome ringtone for your iPhone and put it in the iTunes library.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 33 minutes

This is Lesson 2 (Part 2) on iTunes, and shows how iTunes can be used to create RintTones from audio files other than .m4R files.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 22 minutes

This is Lesson 3 on iTunes, and shows you how to explore your Sounds Settings and install Custome RingTones on your iPhone.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 15 minutes

Here are 60 Custome RingTones for the iPhone, that you might want to install. They include patriotic songs and the theme songs for all of the branches of Military Service as well as some classic tunes and recent Top 40 Hits. The .ZIP file also contains a Text file that you can open in Notepad to read information about creating Custom RingTones and installing them on your iPhone.
Download Zip File

In this audio tutorial, you can learn some of the basics of Safari and how to stream audio files, from a website, on the iPhone or iPad.
Download Audio (MP3) Length approximately 16 minutes

Adding A Bluetooth Keyboard

It is pretty easy to add a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone or iPad, but don't expect the keyboard to solve all of your problems with entering text on the iPhone or iPad. You might find that your keyboard has a problem with repeated keys or that the iPhone doesn't always speak the letter or number as you type it. This seems to be a very common problem, no matter what keyboard you choose. Apple is largely silent on this matter and the Internet Forums don't seem to have a good answer to the problem. That being said, here is one keyboard that you might want to consider:
Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Other Resources for iPhone Information useful to the Visually Impaired

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