BVA News Bulletins in MP3 on the Web

By Paul Oberholtzer

28 Set 2011


Since 2006, I have been converting the audio cassette version of the BVA News Bulletins to MP3 and posting them on:


In the past, those who used either Windows Media Player or WinAmp as their music player could download and listen to these. Lately I have been working to make the site more accessible, and part of this is to make these BVA bulletins available for those who have other music players like Apple IPod and Mac  as well as for those that use a browser other than Windows Internet Explorer.  So far, I have tested the downloads on Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 6, and had a friend test the downloads on his Mac using iTunes, Firefox, and Surfari. All of these downloads worked, which is a good indication that these BVA bulletins will download and play on handheld devices like the new Plextalk PTP1. I have created a link so that anyone can download the bulletins from:


I try to keep the latest bulletin available from that link, but unfortunately my cassette tapes seem to get lost in the mail and there are several missing bulletins that I never received. If I could get more reliable delivery of the cassette tapes, I can usually convert them in a few hours after receiving them, and then those who want to listen from their computer or handheld device, need not deal with tape players, which are basically obsolete. I am not sure why the BVA doesn’t offer this service. After all, the hard part is getting the recording done in the first place. Once it is in digital form, putting it on the Web is fairly easy.


With the release of the Plextalk PTP1, blinded veterans that are issued these, can download and listen to the bulletins at their leisure, with a device that easily fits into a shirt pocket.